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Firstly the GPU was tested remotely but later i got one from a friend, again power consumption will not be that accurate because i “LOST” the energy meter :/, we will compare it with the previous one. WORKER_NAME -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp://pasc-eu1. Fred234 I know Nvidia cards with Hynix perform 20% less than Micron or Samsung memory. bat commands to overclock the cards Ethereum 30. Apparently the RX 470 8GB Mining Edition with Hynix memory is less problematic, so this time i wont have a “problems and fixes” section. strelly Hi Ciprian, I’ve a Sapphire RX 470 OC 4Gb (reference) with Elpida RAM…could you tell me where I can find a good BIOS mod. WORKER_NEM -zpsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 Nicehash Mining Performance Mining Performance Subscribe and stay tuned for further updates. WORKER_NAME -dcoin pasc -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 8 Before to continue further, please share this 🙂 thanks.

Do consult your financial advisor before making any decisions. bat file for ethereum dual lbry credits with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64. bat file for ethereum dual pascallite with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64. Good to hear that AMD cards are not having that issue. WORKER_NAME -epsw x -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1150 -mclock 2150 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 875 –dcri 5 Ethereum Dual Mining Decred and Siacoin I only used. I have fan set to manual and maxed out in WattMan. Let’s see how they’ll pass the test of time. WORKER_NAME -dcoin pasc -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -d ZCash (Equihash) Mining Performance Equihash algorithm: Download and extract Clocks 1130/2250 GPU-Z 60w start.

I read that all new 1060’s are now Hynix memory, not sure if this is true tho sumokoin sumo. BTW – I’ve just updated to Afterburner beta 16 and can’t seem to activate the core voltage. bat file for Ethereum only with claymore clocks and voltage: EthDcrMiner64.RChain.
. In this benchmark i included PascalLite for dual mining, i kinda avoided them lately but someone asked for them. CoinGecko will not be responsible for any trading decisions. I can seem to disable fan stop completely. WORKER_NAME -dcoin sia -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 75 -fanmax 100 -cclock 1130 -mclock 2250 -cvddc 850 -mvddc 850 -dcri 12 Ethereum Dual Mining LBRY Credits and Pascalcoin Ethereum 30. .

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The most comprehensive sumokoin mining pool list since 2017!
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Sumokoin: пул, софт и его настройки. Sumokoin появилась достаточно недавно в 2017 году и создана на основе алгоритмов исходного кода Monero, одной из самых инновационных и профитных монет, которая в первую очередь известна своей анонимностью.
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Profitability and reward calculator for crypto coins that use the CryptoNight algorithm and can be CPU or GPU mined (e.g. Electroneum, Intense Coin, Monero, Sumokoin)
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Sapphire RX 470 8GB Mining Edition with Hynix Memory Mining Performance Review
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